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Best Home Inspection provides asbestos inspections for structures which are in the process of renovation or demolition. The state of West Virginia requires asbestos inspections prior to the demolition or renovation of any structure in which all suspect building materials are to be disturbed or removed from that structure.

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Asbestos containing products are not limited to buildings prior to 1980. Asbestos containing products are still being manufactured in Canada, Mexico and China. These products are still coming into the United States.

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An example of some building materials are; roll roofing, roofing asphalt (tar), felt, shingles, floor tiles, Linoleums, drywall gypsum board type products, plaster, window putty, pipe insulation, high temperature spray on insulations, acoustical ceilings, ceiling tiles, transite panels and transite sidings.


Presume all building materials contain asbestos until proven otherwise by laboratory analysis.Do not remove, cut, drill, sand, grind or otherwise disturb any material that may contain asbestos.

Best Home Inspection provides asbestos inspections, mold air sampling, PCM lab air analysis, PCM Air Clearance after an asbestos abatement project and TEM air sampling/clearance air sampling.